Hello World!


It’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure. I’m kind of hoping if I say the word business enough times it will magically appear along with some knowledge and skills please. Creating art is my favourite thing in the world but trying to make a living from it scares the absolute shit out of me. I try to remember such mantras as ‘FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY’ and ‘LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR’ (I think my mum made that one up?). I internally shout these to myself as I practice looking professional by wearing my glasses and a snazzy blazer. Other activities I have been engaging in to prepare myself:

  • watching back episodes of Shark Tank
  • reading books with titles like’ Turn your passion into profit in 6 weeks!’
  • joining Facebook groups for start-ups and trying not to despair that everyone else seems to know what they’re doing
  • giving random people my actual business card and not an expired train ticket this time
  • hyperventilating

So, wish me luck/pray for my chubby arty terrified soul and please spread the word to anyone who might like to buy some handmade glass or illustrations! X Soph