Let's Hook Up Series

‘Let’s Hook Up’ has been a focus of my work for the last 2 years. I began this series in response to the 8th amendment laws in Ireland, to explore the taboo nature of the female body and sexuality. The pieces are glass illustrations of underwear, they capture the moment after these last items of clothing are taken off. I utilise the visuals and meanings of lingerie which fascinate me; the separation from functionality to highly decorative intimate apparel that is sensual and at times entirely impractical, creates layers of meaning that are often confusing and contradictory. Glass is the perfect medium to explore this dynamic of power and vulnerability, it is a seductive substance with a contradictory nature - both fragile and dangerous. It has an emotive quality which serves to accentuate the powerful underlying messages presented in its artistic use. In these works, the glass gives a feeling of ephemerality, it emphasises the sense of delicacy and intimacy and the potential breaking of taboo.

With ‘Let’s Hook Up’ I hope to engage audiences to open conversations about sex, bodily autonomy, and movements like #metoo and #ibelieveher. I seek to transform subject matter that may cause feelings of discomfort or embarrassment into something beautiful and empowering.

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