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April Showers

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The desire for breathing space has become reflected in my current series Nubivagant (Cloud Wanderer). These sculptural glass vessels are inspired by beautiful skies and mindful moments appreciating nature on my lockdown walks. Soft colours are translated into delicate discs of pâte-de-verre (glass paste) then allowed to gently fold in the kiln, resulting in vessels that are like windows to other realms holding the serenity of the natural world. Since the pandemic, I find my work increasingly influenced my immediate environment, while exploring ideas around our perceptions of time. In everything I make I am trying to capture a sense of wonder, to transpose transient and intangible moments into visible form. The delicate fragility inherent in glass as a material accentuates the impression of ephemerality and preciousness. April Showers’, is one of the first pieces of glass I was able to make after the lockdowns and represents a hopeful return to creative life, like the sky clearing after a storm.

Dimensions: 8 x 17 x 17 cm